BITULEIT LTD.  offers design and production of vertical road signalization – standard and  individual traffic signs /boards. The machines and the equipment are specialized for the production of road signs, by DIGITAL PRINT and LAMINATION, assuring high quality and productiveness.




Road signs/Individually designed traffic boards for PERMANENT and TEMPORARY traffic control.


All kinds of PORTABLE road signs/ traffic boards


Standard road signs are manufactured in four size groups, in accordance with the requirements of standard BDS 1517 and EN 12899.


Custom sized boards, signs, etc.



-Reflective foil grades:

The standard signs can be produced of galvanized steel, aluminum or composite material sheets.

Class I – Engineer grade


Individually designed traffic signs/boards are manufactured from galvanised or aluminium sheet metal panels with double turned edges to add rigidity.

Class II – High-Intensive grade


Fixing parts are hot-zinc covered steel and can be powder-painted.

Class III – Prismatic grade


2/DIGITAL PRINT – high image resolution
3/LAMINATION – 5, 7 or 10 years
4/CUTTING – the foil acc. to the desired shape
5/ASSEMBLY – adhesion of the image to the sign base.

DRS System

DRS System is a revolutionary solution for the fabrication of traffic and work-zone signs. The system includes printer, laminator, flatbed plotter, applicator and dedicated software. DRS System takes advantage of the third generation HP Latex printing technology. Printouts are protected by BMC Craft specially formulated DRS Laminate to obtain unified set of compatible components (USCC) covered by BMC Craft’s 12 year warranty. DRS System is designed as an “Open Source” concept and supports various grades of reflective sheeting from different manufacturers.
When designing a traffic sign project, you can work with your favorite software (AutoCAD, Desktop CAD, Impact CAD, CorelDraw, etc.) and use ready libraries of locally specified signs and fonts. DRS uses software based on Linux and Caldera RIP Workstation. Automatic advanced nesting software reduces material waste to minimum. BMC Craft provides you with the ready profiles for different types of reflective sheeting to achieve optimum printability, curing, color coordination and correct level of retro-reflectivity.
DRS System uses one set of CMYK HP Latex inks, to print on all types and grades of reflective sheeting, for both permanent and temporary signs. To run efficient production only two reflective sheeting colors are required – white and yellow. All other color combinations are obtained through printing. Apart from typical traffic signs, DRS System will print work-zone, parking, identification, safety, warning and guide signs, full color reflective billboards, city information maps, labels, street signs, tags and license plates.
A built-in optical sensor (spectrophotometer) provides color uniformity and repeatability on each and every printout. Prints are waterproof and durable. With a pre-print treatment done by the Ink Optimizer, printed traffic sign faces have enhanced resistance to abrasion and even with no laminate applied, can be used as temporary work-zone signs. BMC Craft covers them with a 3 year warranty. For permanent traffic signs, it is recommended to protect all printouts with DRS Laminate. Laminated traffic sign faces are ready for immediate installation on either aluminum or steel sheets. For the DRS laminated signs, BMC Craft offers up to 12 year warranty. This warranty covers UV radiation, abrasion and delamination resistance. It also covers chromaticity and retro-reflectivity parameters in compliance with ASTM, EN, BS, DIN*.


DRS technology effectively replaces use of silkscreen printing, eliminates tiresome overlay film applications and considerably minimizes set-up time. Print on demand helps to improve customer service. Sign faces are printed full color and can be mounted immediately after lamination. With an optimized workflow, DRS boosts productivity cuts down on inventory in both, raw material and semi-finished product. Less space and fewer expensive personnel are required to do the same job.
BMC Craft’s DRS System is recommended for low and high-volume production runs. It is easy to calculate cost of the job, because unit cost of printing “one-offs” is identical to printing multiple pieces of the same kind.
DRS is extremely flexible. New profiles for printing and cutting can be easily added or modified in order to adapt to particular job requirements.



The supports for road signs are manufactured from galvanised steel pipes.


The top of the support is covered with a plastic cap.


The foundation for the supports is prepared depending on the place of installation of the sign.



The signs are produced according to the valid standards, EU regulations and national technical requirements.



BITULEIT LTD. is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified